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Leveling Up in Warframe for Beginners and Advanced Players

There are various stuff than can be upgraded in Warframe. First, I am gonna say about you actual Warframe which is leveled up by collecting in-game Affinity OrbsFor upgrading your weapon you just have to get a lot of kills using that specific weapon.So far things are not very complicated, more complicated is the Mastery rank which is your overall rank and experience which is not to so much related with the other experience points written above. There are items in the game that can;t be used until you actually reach a required level of the mastery rank. 

mastery rank in warframe

This little piece of bar is the hardest to increase in Warframe, but is also the most important one. The Warframe's rank and the weapons rank is are pretty easy to rank, things are getting really fishy with this overall experience bar. This is increased every time you gain one level on any of the weapons that you have or on your warframe. Each level gained will give you 100 Mastery Points. The thing is that as more level as you gain on one of your items harder it will get to level up. What people are doing is playing with a gun until it reaches level five or so (he will get 500 Mastery Points) and sell it afterwards just to buy another low level weapon to level it up faster as low levels are easy to grow therefore easier to gain Mastery Points. Doing this you will end up in having no good weapon that you can actually use in your game. Half of this game is about farming and you can't escape from that no matter what you do.


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