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In Depth Tutorial for Warframe Starters - Second

experience bar in warframe

On this second part of my big tutorial I will start where I left on the first post, on the left screen of the Solar System page. On the very top of the left side you have the Experience Points bar which shows how points do you have so far and how many points do you need to Level Up. Still n that tab you have the number of credits and the number of Platinum. The credits are the most important. You want to do anything in the game you need credits, you earn credits during missions, some missions deliver more some less. The Platinum is the in-game currency for which you have to pay real money to get which are way too bloody expensive if you ask me. 

arsenal screen in warframe explained

Starting from the right side of the upper screen we have Arsenal. After you click it you will see everything you have in your arsenal and on your character On the left side you have you warframe's abilities. Important: If you wanna go easy on yourself and you are a beginner it is recommended to play at first with Excalibur as this is simpler to learn and does not have so many complicated abilities. Under the Abilities tab we have the gear tab where you can see items that you can buy with credits such as healers, ammo, etc. These are more important later in the game when you are using a lot of ammo and you need extra things to get you going. On the right side we have the rifle tab where you see the available rifles for you to buy, under rifles we have the second weapon used in the game, pistols and last we have the melee weapon which can also be changed with a better one with in exchange of credits. The last tab on this part of the screen is the Foundry tab. Here you can see the items that you are crafting and the blueprint. these items are to be founded all over the solar system.When you see an item that you want to build you can go over the internet and look for the planets which will drop the parts that you need for that specific item. 

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