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In Depth Tutorial for Warframe Starters - First

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The first page that you see as you go into Warframe is the Solar System. As you hover over the planets you will see their name and you can click it in order to see the missions available for that planet. You have to complete the missions one by one to the last one which will be the name of the next planet. After you completed all the missions you will have access to the final mission. he completion of the final mission will give you access to the next planet. You are not actually doing missions on the planet itself, you are doing missions on their floating stations. There are plenty of missions different by type. You have raid missions, exterminate missions, VIP assassinations missions or even VIP rescue missions, raid missions and the list can go on and on. The variety of type of missions is one of the things that really pushed the game up in popularity.

Private - Online - Solo Explained

In the up-center of the screen you can choose between PRIVATE, ONLINE or SOLO. Selecting Private and you will be bale to play the missions with your friends from your contacts list. By selecting Online and selecting further a mission it will engage you in a match making system in which you can play alone or with your friends. As you hover over the planets while Online is selected you will see the number of players active on that map. In the Private mode no player will be able to join after the game started. The Solo option is pretty self explanatory, you just go and do the missions by yourself.

In the left side of the screen you can see the tabs News and Alerts. There nothing to say about news, but I recommend to keep an eye on the Alerts. Here you will find bonus missions for you to complete which are a little bit different from the ordinary missions because you can acquire items that on normal missions you wouldn't acquire.

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