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Warframe Farming Forma Best Missions

What Exactly Are Formas

  1. You can use a forma to a weapon, warframe or sentinel after it reached level 30. Then the weapon becomes forma'd.
  2. It adds a Polarity Slot to your weapon, warframe or setinel - the level drops to 0 and you'll need to re-level.
  3. The number of mod points it can h…

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Leveling Up in Warframe for Beginners and Advanced Players

There are various stuff than can be upgraded in Warframe. First, I am gonna say about you actual Warframe which is leveled up by collecting in-game Affinity OrbsFor upgrading your weapon you just have to get a lot of kills using that specific weapon.So far things are not very complicated, mor…

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In Depth Tutorial for Warframe Starters - Second

experience bar in warframe

On this second part of my big tutorial I will start where I left on the first post, on the left screen of the Solar System page. On the very top of the left side you have the Experience Points bar which shows how points do you have so far and how many points do you need to Level Up. Still n that…

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In Depth Tutorial for Warframe Starters - First

warframe tutorial beginners

The first page that you see as you go into Warframe is the Solar System. As you hover over the planets you will see their name and you can click it in order to see the missions available for that planet. You have to complete the missions one by one to the last one which will be the name of the n…

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My First Post

my first post

I am John, I am from Ohio and I am here with this blog on bravesties mainly because I want to share my experience on Warframe with other people, with people all around the world which could benefit from my shared experience. This is my favourite game of this type and I like it very much since the …

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