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About is about anything you could think in Warframe that needs to be told. Here you will find tips and tricks for beginners which will help to get going with the game. I will try to cover every aspect that you could need and think of in order to make you a better player and a better adversary for your enemies and why not a better teammate. 

I am a full time worker, I am 22, I am working as a farmer and I want to start to learn various things regarding the world of the internet. Someone recommend me to write about what I like even if it sounds the most stupid thing for me. I decided to start playing Warframe after a long period of break in which I haven't touched anything related to games.

I will try on this blog to get along with the blogging thing and to improve my writing skills in order to be a decent blogger. I always did like games and I still like to play all type of games, but unfortunately there is not so much time for gaming at the moment. Even so I am sure that I can share my experience while I am learning how to play Warframe and I hope that someone will benefit and will help him by reading my tips and guides.

For suggestions and recommendations you can always leave me a message on the Contact page.