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Warframe Farming Forma Best Missions

What Exactly Are Formas

  1. You can use a forma to a weapon, warframe or sentinel after it reached level 30. Then the weapon becomes forma'd.
  2. It adds a Polarity Slot to your weapon, warframe or setinel - the level drops to 0 and you'll need to re-level.
  3. The number of mod points it can hold is changed and the weapon overall efficiency.

Although you can get Formas in every Void Mission or you can get it as a rewarding every single void mission, the chances to get this special warframe from these mission are very low and while someone can receive it without even trying, others can get it only by intense farming. It is one of the Warframe's distinct characteristics to be dynamic and not being able to pin down a certain way of acquiring stuff. You can however obtain Forma faster by playing specific type of missions.

What Missions Should I Play To Get Formas?

The best mission to get the Forma Blueprint is Tower II Survival. Why is it more likely to get it in this mission? In this mission Forma drops on rotation A. So you can get it as a reward at 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 25 minutes and so on. The reason why this is the best mission to get Forma is because there are very few rewards on rotation A. Among them you have the Forma Blueprint. Assuming that most of the players can get play the Tower II Survival for 10 minutes you have basically two chances of getting Forma. If you can make it to 30 minutes you have six chances to get Forma's blueprint. 

The next best mission to get Forma is Tower IV Defense

Why is this not the best mission for farming Formas? 

  • The main reason is that in this mission you have a total of six possible rewards whilst on the previous one you have only five. So the probability to get Forma is clearly lower.
  • Tower IV keys are harder to get and since it is tower IV it is harder to solo as well. 

However, if tower IV keys are not a problem for you and you have a teammate with a decently moded Warframe and a decently moded weapon and, you don't like Survivals than this is the mission for you.

The next type of mission on our chart are actually two types of missions. Tower ONE Exterminate and Tower IV Capture. Both of them have six potential rewards, one of them being the Forma Blueprint. The Tower ONE Exterminate is slower, but much easier, while the latter can be done incredibly fast but it is a lot harder. 

Honourable Mentions

The last type of mission that can be found on our chart of Forma farming is Tower ONE Capture. This is similar to Tower IV Capture, it can be done pretty fast, but you have a total of seven potential rewards to receive. Tower III Exterminate and Tower III Sabotage - these two missions can reward you with a built Forma - no blueprint. The chances of getting it are significantly lower compared to the missions already mentioned as for Tower III Exterminate you have eight potential rewards and nine potential rewards for Tower III Sabotage.

If you have the Forma Blueprints but you don't have as many Orokin Cells, Neurodes or Neural Sensors, you can follow the guides below for how to farm these as well.

Farming Orokin Cells & Neurodes

Farming Neural Sensors

Leveling Up in Warframe for Beginners and Advanced Players

There are various stuff than can be upgraded in Warframe. First, I am gonna say about you actual Warframe which is leveled up by collecting in-game Affinity OrbsFor upgrading your weapon you just have to get a lot of kills using that specific weapon.So far things are not very complicated, more complicated is the Mastery rank which is your overall rank and experience which is not to so much related with the other experience points written above. There are items in the game that can;t be used until you actually reach a required level of the mastery rank. 

mastery rank in warframe

This little piece of bar is the hardest to increase in Warframe, but is also the most important one. The Warframe's rank and the weapons rank is are pretty easy to rank, things are getting really fishy with this overall experience bar. This is increased every time you gain one level on any of the weapons that you have or on your warframe. Each level gained will give you 100 Mastery Points. The thing is that as more level as you gain on one of your items harder it will get to level up. What people are doing is playing with a gun until it reaches level five or so (he will get 500 Mastery Points) and sell it afterwards just to buy another low level weapon to level it up faster as low levels are easy to grow therefore easier to gain Mastery Points. Doing this you will end up in having no good weapon that you can actually use in your game. Half of this game is about farming and you can't escape from that no matter what you do.


Warframe Platinum Generator for Free Platinum

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Video Proof of the Warframe Platinum Generator 2017

Warframe Hack Platinum - Free Warframe Platinum by warrfame-hack-platinum

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In Depth Tutorial for Warframe Starters - Second

experience bar in warframe

On this second part of my big tutorial I will start where I left on the first post, on the left screen of the Solar System page. On the very top of the left side you have the Experience Points bar which shows how points do you have so far and how many points do you need to Level Up. Still n that tab you have the number of credits and the number of Platinum. The credits are the most important. You want to do anything in the game you need credits, you earn credits during missions, some missions deliver more some less. The Platinum is the in-game currency for which you have to pay real money to get which are way too bloody expensive if you ask me. 

arsenal screen in warframe explained

Starting from the right side of the upper screen we have Arsenal. After you click it you will see everything you have in your arsenal and on your character On the left side you have you warframe's abilities. Important: If you wanna go easy on yourself and you are a beginner it is recommended to play at first with Excalibur as this is simpler to learn and does not have so many complicated abilities. Under the Abilities tab we have the gear tab where you can see items that you can buy with credits such as healers, ammo, etc. These are more important later in the game when you are using a lot of ammo and you need extra things to get you going. On the right side we have the rifle tab where you see the available rifles for you to buy, under rifles we have the second weapon used in the game, pistols and last we have the melee weapon which can also be changed with a better one with in exchange of credits. The last tab on this part of the screen is the Foundry tab. Here you can see the items that you are crafting and the blueprint. these items are to be founded all over the solar system.When you see an item that you want to build you can go over the internet and look for the planets which will drop the parts that you need for that specific item. 

In Depth Tutorial for Warframe Starters - First

warframe tutorial beginners

The first page that you see as you go into Warframe is the Solar System. As you hover over the planets you will see their name and you can click it in order to see the missions available for that planet. You have to complete the missions one by one to the last one which will be the name of the next planet. After you completed all the missions you will have access to the final mission. he completion of the final mission will give you access to the next planet. You are not actually doing missions on the planet itself, you are doing missions on their floating stations. There are plenty of missions different by type. You have raid missions, exterminate missions, VIP assassinations missions or even VIP rescue missions, raid missions and the list can go on and on. The variety of type of missions is one of the things that really pushed the game up in popularity.

Private - Online - Solo Explained

In the up-center of the screen you can choose between PRIVATE, ONLINE or SOLO. Selecting Private and you will be bale to play the missions with your friends from your contacts list. By selecting Online and selecting further a mission it will engage you in a match making system in which you can play alone or with your friends. As you hover over the planets while Online is selected you will see the number of players active on that map. In the Private mode no player will be able to join after the game started. The Solo option is pretty self explanatory, you just go and do the missions by yourself.

In the left side of the screen you can see the tabs News and Alerts. There nothing to say about news, but I recommend to keep an eye on the Alerts. Here you will find bonus missions for you to complete which are a little bit different from the ordinary missions because you can acquire items that on normal missions you wouldn't acquire.

My First Post

my first post

I am John, I am from Ohio and I am here with this blog on bravesties mainly because I want to share my experience on Warframe with other people, with people all around the world which could benefit from my shared experience. This is my favourite game of this type and I like it very much since the day I first played it. I also played a lot of my time Team Fortress 2 and Unreal Tournament Series which I strongly believed that it could not get better than these games. Warframe, in my opinion is the best game of this type and I encourage everybody I met to play it and to convince himself that this is a fact. 

My main plan is to try and help you play the game better, but I will also write about updates, things regarding maps, weaponry, type of warframes, tactics and all that is related to the game from the most insignificant point to the most important like how to get fast credits and what planets to farm, etc. I am doing this also because I want to improve my writing skills not only writing fast, but also I want to be good in writing properly. All the things that I will post will be things that are tested to the point I will be sure that is completely good news and could really help you get better in the game.

I am new in this kind of blogging so be patient with me if you see anything that is noob-related :). I promise that I will get better as blogging is a cool way of spending your free time and not just blogging, but also sharing is an important part of our lifes.